Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Report

Happy Wednesday!

Last week I posted my WIP list for this quarter and I'm happy to report I got one of them off the list already!  (Mostly because we planned to meet the recipient for dinner this past weekend!)  Anywho, after work on Friday, I whipped up 6 blocks to add to the ones I received from my Flickr group and pieced the quilt together.  Got it basted ...

Got it quilted and bound ...

And then on Saturday morning, in the daylight, I realized this ...

On my.  See that?!  Those whites aren't exactly the same white.  I think I need an OTT light.  And I need to start keeping my whites in labeled bags.  LOL  My OCD self is still nagging with my rational self that a 10-month old won't notice or care. ;-)  It's a scrappy quilt - much like the one I'm making for the Scrap Attack Strings.  And with time and loving hopefully it won't be noticed as much. And thank goodness I distributed my blocks evenly throughout the quilt (except that every intersection is like this ... yes, really).

But I was really proud of getting that striped backing on straight.  Nice work! (Pats self on back. :-)

I made a cute little tag and wrapped it up for gifting anyway. Of course, it was well-received and I am still trying not to be bothered by the mismatch mixup.

Quilt Details:  10 inch blocks, finished size approx 30" x 40".

Happy Sewing! :-)


  1. Beautiful Chrissy....I don't think your mismatch mixup will be noticed. Was this on your FAL list?

  2. I didn't see it! =) But I'm sure it'd bother me too. Honestly, it's beautiful and I'm sure it adds to the character of the quilt and I'm going to venture that no one would notice....especially since most people don't have OTT lamps.

    However, Joann's is having a 50% off sale on all their Ott's in the next flyer...just in case you want to look. =)

    Love how you packaged it too.

    Have a great day Chrissy!

  3. You can't really tell. Really. I had to come up close to my monitor and focus. I wouldn't worry about it. Looks great! I have an OTT lamp (floor lamp) and I LOVE IT! I even have a little one that I can clamp to my shirt if I'm doing hand bindings or stitchery. I do plan on getting another desk top one because my sewing room is going to be reconfigured. Do get one. You won't regret it. Just don't buy the bulbs at Joann's. They are WAY over-priced!!!

  4. That has happened to me before. I can't see any difference in the picture. I wonder if anyone else will know. Looks great to me.

  5. What a sweet quilt and even though I can't see it I have done it before and it drove me crazy. I use muslin a lot and I always try to buy the same brand so I don't have to worry about it. Believe me no one will notice this because the quilt is adorable!

  6. Don't forget to link this up. It is the end of the quarter!


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