Friday, August 12, 2011

August Bitty Blocks

Happy Friday y'all!

I was working on my Bitty Blocks for the Bitty Block Committee swap on Flickr today and managed to finish one of two sets and the prototype for the second one.

This month's theme is jars and a lot of folks already used fruity prints, etc.  I really wanted to do a button jar and thought about sewing on real buttons, but thought that might make piecing the block a little tricky.  So, I came up with this ...

I think they are pretty stinkin' cute!  :-)

Then, I started thinking hard about my other theme ... white + a color - in my case purple.  You know that pink would've been a better choice for me! LOL  Anyway, not a lot of purple in my stash to work with and I wanted a block that would be kind of different.

I decided to do a mini dresden in the corner of the block.  It took a few tries to draft a pattern the right size, but here is my prototype ...

What do you think?!

Well, I'm outta here for now .... see ya tomorrow.

Happy Sewing! :-)


  1. Very cute! I love the buttons in the jar! The mini dresden will be adorable :)

  2. Cute, cute, and I love purple (though, oddly, don't have much of it in my stash either...)!


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