Thursday, January 19, 2012

Get Organized: Rulers and Scissors

Hi again!  Our "Get Organized" Series is well underway ... did you see the awesome Hanging Pockets Organizer that our friend Amy posted?!  I love that she used laminated fabric to make the project so quick and easy. I am happy to share another tip for storing supplies today - this time its all about my rulers and scissors.

First, let me say that I love Command hooks.  You can move them around and you don't have to have any tools (or a handyman!) around.  I have about 8 in use in my sewing room right now.  I even used them to hang this wall organizer project. :-)  They do have brushed nickel looking "fancy" hooks if you prefer.  Several of my Command hooks are used to hold rulers and scissors.  Most of my rulers have a hole in them - probably so retailers can hang them - so that makes it super easy to hang them up in my room too.  All you need is a loop of ribbon ...

Thread it through the hole ...

Tuck the end inside the loop ...

And pull and you're ready to hang your ruler.  The nice part is that you can remove the ribbon and replace it again if it gets in the way while cutting fabric and trimming quilts, etc.

Here are my rulers ... I keep my longer rulers on one hook and my specialty and smaller rulers on another.

I also like to use a hook to hold my scissors.  I feel like I am always looking for my scissors and having them right above my ironing board makes them easy to grab and put them back where they go.

I have my ironing board nestled between a dresser and a bookshelf (sometimes this is a little inconvenient, but its usually ok) and the table with my machine and cutting mat forms an "L" shape with my ironing board.  I like having my rulers close, but out of the way.  And I have a little stand I bought at my local big box store where I keep my pins, smaller scissors, and assorted notions that I might be using on a project at the end of my ironing board.

How do you store your rulers and scissors?  I'd love for you to share!  Don't forget to link up your organizing tips to the current Stitch & Share Challenge.

Happy Sewing! :-)


  1. I use a peg board and it works very well. Over the years I have arranged and re-arranged as my needs have changed. I have also painted it to match my walls as was necessary. Although recently I have noticed I have more rules than hooks. I think I may have to expand a bit with some command hooks. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Well, my rulers are currently just laying on a shelf in the room where I sew. I should think about hanging them would be a better idea!

  3. I love those hooks, too!! They hold up my design wall/bargain tablecloth. I use the little ones and the holes in the rulers fit right over them. I use 3 on the side of an old computer desk armoire that I now use to hold all my sewing supplies. Scissors, well, little ones for thread are with each hand sewing bag and in the toolbox of each machine plus a pair on a lanyard when I'm really busy. The "big" scissors are in a "pencil" holder in the armoire.

  4. I have a large wooden cornice above the window in my sewing room. I covered a metal, double curtain rod (the cheap kind) with a very long gathered tube of fabric, (only slightly larger than the rod). Before attaching it to my cornice I put several curtain rings with alligator clips on them on both rods. They grab the rulers and hold them and the rulers are clear, so they don't block light from the window.

  5. I love your idea of using those hooks. I have some and have never thought to hang them in my sewing room. That is a great idea!


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